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Reading all the discussions about Brexit, what I kinda miss is the opinion of those who voted to leave. Are they satisfied? Did the falling pound rate alarm them or do they think "We don't need no stinking foreign currency anyway"?

... because that's what pro-government people in Russia say. "Who cares ruble is falling? I don't need dollars!", "Who cares if other countries don't want to deal with us? We have everything we need in Russia".

I kind of trained my psyche to deal with our local politics, but when the rest of the world follows in the madness, it's troubling. Are we having Weimar era revival? Russia-wise, I keep thinking that the era most similar to ours is Nicholas I's times, pre-Crimea war and the war itself. Similar brand of nationalism and blindness.

(Of course any historical similarities are at best imprecise, but. This is a soothing mental exercise of the "we survived that, then we probably will survive this" variety)

(the existence of Israel is also very soothing, history-wise. Even though I don't particularly want to move there)

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