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Wednesday reading - actually on a Wednesday
the lady smiles
Reading: Twelve Drummers Drumming by C. C. Dennison, looks like a readable mystery, though the protagonist priest's background seems a bit too much - twice orphaned! mother a Eurovision winner! former stage magician! with last name Christmas!

Also: Autobiography of Aleksandra Berezina. A very strange person, a wannabe artist and author of Greek-style epigrams; a notable scholar of Ancient Greek liked her epigrams so much that he took it upon himself to edit and publish her memoir after her death. Early 20th century in Saint Petersburg, extremely vivid and picturesque description, weird and a bit off-putting personality - I was not surprised to learn that she ended up almost a vagrant.

Finished: Moscow and Moscovites by V. Gilyarovsky - Moscow about 150 years ago by a then-famous reporter who knew everything and everybody. Very readable.

To-read: who knows? I think I have another Dennison...

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